Article: The Billion$ God Trilogy - Part 1

In The Beginning [2011] - dir. Michael Bay

Adam - Zac Efron / Eve - Megan Fox / Voice of the Serpent - Nicolas Cage / Cane - Ben Affleck / Abel - Matt Damon / David - Liev Schreiber / Saul - Alan Rickman / Soloman - George Clooney / Noah - Sam Neill / Samson - Arnold Schwarzenegger / Ahab - Gabriel Byrne / Jezebel - Sharon Stone / Job - Tim Robbins / Moses - Russell Crowe / Abraham - Anthony Hopkins / Voice of God - Morgan Freeman

Picture this, a RED EPIC 5K digital print presented in next generation RealD, who better to capture the creation story than Michael Bay,
epic digital effects as the earth is created from bare rock, stunning special effects as we see the first humans created from the ether, imagine the fanboy heaven created as we see Megan Fox in just a fig leaf...

Michael Bay is without a doubt the ideal choice to tell this epic story of creation, blood, revenge, floods, plagues and all matter of 'epic' events. Tie that to over the top dialogue, soaring music and fantastic evil manifestations, this would truly be a collection of stunning set pieces (Noah's Ark, Moses and the Red Sea, David & Goliath, Tower of Babel etc.) tied together with some quick and dirty, voice-over driven transitions.

A spectacle beyond any ever seen before, OK probably the first half a billion dollar 4 hour movie, but imagine the promotional tie-ins, finally a religious film that could actually benefit from 'positive' Christian support for once... and a great prelude to what comes next.... ladies and gentleman... prepare for Mr. Quentin Tarantino...


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