Article: The Billion$ God Trilogy - THE PITCH!

Elevator Pitch
Picture this... "3 movies, 3 holiday release dates, imagine Moses meets Transformers, Jesus is Mr. White and The Devils Rejects on a global scale. A cast of thousands, 3 of the hottest directors on the planet, the greatest story never told (like this before)."

The Reasoning
With the imminent release of Roland Emmerich's latest disaster spectacular 2012, and all the conspiracy theories floating around the web about Planet X, 2012 and the Mayan prophecies, doesn't now seem the perfect time to make THE definitive film trilogy based on the single biggest selling book in the world... OK I may be facetiously proposing this, but seriously it makes sense... doesn't it?

The Timeline
The first part would be released 4th of July weekend 2011, followed by an unprecedented 25th December 2011 release and the final third released on 6th June 2012 at 6pm globally... it will become clear why later :)

The Personel
Film 1 - The Old Testament (snappy title Mr Hollywood Marketing Guy please!) - Dir. Michael Bay
Film 2 - The Jesus Story - Dir. Quentin Tarantino
Film 3 - Revelation - Dir. Rob Zombie

OK so you're getting the idea... over the next few days I'll briefly outline the main casting and proposed script ideas... OK bear with me... I have to get this out... normal service will be resumed soon, I promise.

(N.B. any Hollywood execs reading this, it's public, I have the date of release, you steal the idea I'll sue :D)


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